Event Creation Tips for creating the best event page.

We’ve put together a list of tips that will help you create the perfect event page. These tips are based on data from past events on Tickeri.com that have proven to be successful. Got any other tips that you think make event pages great? Let us know about them!

###Get That Title Right!


The title on your event page not only helps people find your event on Tickeri.com but also makes it easy to find on search engines such as google. This is why choosing the right title is very important. We advise you to keep it short and sweet: just stating title of event and the city is the perfect title. For example “Don Omar in New York” or “Zacarias Ferreira en San Francisco” will work great. Avoid making the title too long or adding extra things that will already be in the event info.

###When is Showtime!?


We know that a lot of events don’t have an exact start time for the main headlining artist, but we highly recommend that you at least put an idea of around what time the artist will perform to avoid upset customers. Something along the lines of “After 11pm” can give the idea that the headliner will perform later in the night.

###Variety of Ticket Types


Selling online you have the power to provide your customers with options and help get early sales that can help you get an idea of how sales are looking and if you need to boost up the promotion. Early bird specials work great and get people to buy in advance. You can setup special early bird ticket to only last for a few weeks or only sell a limited amount by clicking on “more options”. Other ticket types that we recommend are VIP that gives your customers access to an area closer to stage. This works well for folks that have the extra money to spend and want a better experience.

More ticket types that have worked great for our event producers are:

  • General Admission
  • Early Bird General Admission
  • VIP
  • 2 Ticket Package General Admission

Complete that form!


Make sure you fill out the create event form with all the fields, this includes the best phone numbers (or numbers) for contact, email, and description.

###Get them Hyped up!


Tickeri’s Create Event form also allows you to put up to two Youtube videos that can get that undecided customer to purchase their tickets. Find fun videos that highlight the artist performing live or an interview that can make a customer more excited to attend your event.

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